Wednesday, December 07, 2005

For More News Accounts of Utah-based Adoption Agencies

Carmen McDonald of Chicago, Illinois, lost her three-month-old daughter, Tamia, to a slick adoption agency based in
Utah. Through the relentless efforts of Carmen's mother, her church, her community, and the State of Illinois, Carmen was able to get Tamia back. However, the Baby Tamia story is just the tip of a very big iceberg. Read more here:
  • Beyond Baby Tamia

    In 1993, when pregnant Michelle Renaud's marriage was in trouble and she needed a roof over her head, she sought guidance from LDS Social Services in Massachusetts. The help her social worker offered was conditional: to get it she must relinquish her child to adoption. What she didn't learn until much later was that her LDS social worker was not licensed in her state, and that he broke a host of Massachusetts state laws in convincing her to surrender her son. Read Michelle's story here:
  • Unlicensed LDS Social Worker
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